Chief Executive Officer, Mali

Chief Executive Officer, Mali

30 décembre, 2019

World Vision International recrute un Chief Executive Officer, Mali

Description de l’offre

Chief Executive Officer, Mali


  • Create a self-sustaining business with strong foundations (people, process, systems) that is capable of growing while managing risks.
  • Manage an effective and efficient operation, delivering to challenging financial and social performance targets.
  • Work closely with WV to develop integrated livelihoods programmes, and thereby obtain funding from the partnership and donors to grow the operation.
  • Finally, to deal with all regulatory issues and lead the organization through the process of conversion into regulated deposit taking institution in the near future.


Mission & Purpose & Business Acumen:

Ensure that the vision, and mission, purpose, goals, objectives, outputs and policies set by the Board and approved by VisionFund International (VFI) are fully implemented, complied with and met.

  • Delivery on child impact targets.
  • Develops, monitors and implements short and long term business plan.
  • Reports to the board using standard reporting templates on a regular basis.
  • Develops and deliver on key performance indicators for Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus (RMCR).
  • Develops and implements strategic plan.
  • Ensures the culture of the whole organization reflects its mission and vision.
  • Develops, monitors and implements short and long term business plan.
  • Develops key performance indicators as per VFI and Board guidelines.
  • Ensure that the plans are cascaded to implementation groups and staff.
  • Reports plan compliance regularly.
  • Prepare monthly reports as required.
  • Leads the institution in developing and then achieving the targets as defined and agreed in the business plans, as well as in accomplishing RMCR’s strategic goals.


Fund Sourcing

  • Develop proposals to acquire and maintain funding, credit lines, and others financial & non-financial resources required to attain VF objectives.
  • Negotiates effectively with creditors, grant bodies and other financial institutions.
  • Ensure compliance with conditions and reporting requirements.
  • Diligently manage and close grants and related projects.
  • Follow up with open grant audit issues.

Finance Management:

  • Ensures that annual financial projections, reports and budget are prepared for the board on time.
  • Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages RMCR’s resources within those budget guidelines.
  • Ensures that effective and efficient financial management system is installed and maintained.
  • RMCR is profitable.

Risk Management:

  • Ensures that all loans are prudently disbursed;
  • Ensures savings products are effectively priced and delivered (subject to MFI board approval).
  • Ensures that effective internal control and risk management system is established and maintained.
  • Ensures effective liquidity management.
  • Ensure effective banking and financial systems are in place and are regularly updated.


  • Effective integration with WV& VFI and effective promotion of the organization Relations.
  • Ensure at national office and branch level integration strategies are fully understood, communicated and practiced.
  • Actively promote joint livelihoods projects with World Vision.
  • Ensures that both VFI and RMCR and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image.
  • Develops networks and strategic alliances to positively influence the economic policies.

People, Leadership & Culture:

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building

  • Provide effective Christ centered leadership & Culture.
  • Ensure recruitment of competent senior and middle management.
  • Ensures effective staff development, succession planning and performance management systems are in place at all levels & Compensation & benefits.
  • Approves and confirms staff appointment, promotion, demotion, termination and transfer.
  • Embodying of People & Culture policies & procedures.
  • Key Responsibility to create an environment where talent thrive, staff are engaged & Motivated and a culture of performance is embedded.

Policy Compliance:

Policy Formulation and Compliance to local Regulations and VFI Policies

  • Formulates and implements guidelines, procedures, internal regulations that are consistent with the policies set forth by the Board of Directors, VFI and the industry regulators.
  • Ensures that the institution complies with the requirements of the Central Bank other regulators and all VFI policies.
  • Prepares the MFI for new regulations.


  • Minimum a Masters degree in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Management or some other related field.
  • Must have at least ten years of working experience in senior management in a combination of the following: micro-enterprise lending organization, banking institution, a progressive corporate environment, international business, agricultural economics/development, or economic and business development institution.
  • Must have a clear understanding of micro finance industry and technology.
  • Must have worked experience in regulatory environment and better with institution that intermediate savings.
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team.
  • Capability and willingness to lead the organization forward.
  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization Ideals and Core Values.
  • Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach.
  • Fluent in French and working knowledge of English.
  • Very good communication and marketing skills.
  • Very good knowledge in economic and financial topics.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Working Environment/Travel:

  • Office Environment: typical office based and frequent travel to fields (40% traveling and 60% office based).
  • Travel: 90% Domestic 10% international travel is desired.
  • On call: Yes in the after normal working hours.
  • Must get a work Permit if not a local staff from within the Country

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